Hello my loves!

I must gush! I have a little secret that I seriously can’t keep to myself . . . I have fallen in love!

I know, I know, you have all those lovely little questions: where did you meet, what do they do, did you know from the beginning?

The answer is: health food shop, redistributes my cellulite, and no.


As you can guess, it’s not a talk dark handsome stranger . . . it’s a body brush!

Bathing accessories and spa treatments with purple Echinacea flowers, body brush, soaps, gel, and dried citrus in a wicker basket

I first heard of dry body brushing a little while ago on my online adventures in the blogosphere, and the way this woman talked about it was like she had been reborn.

After several minutes I skipped out of her blog uttering to myself well there goes the neighbourhood . . . I can now wholeheartedly say I was wrong and she was right. I have since lost her link, which I would have SO posted right HERE for you.

My meeting with the body brush started on a nondescript Friday morning, I had rolled out of bed, deemed my appearance “casually messy” (and not the usual “may have crawled out of a wreck”) and made my way to the health food store for a casual browse.

Like a beacon among the powdered arrowroot, there sat this lone body brush. It spoke to me. One eftPOS transaction later and I was the happy new owner of an oversized novelty brush.

Oh, how I was so wrong.

I WISH I had taken a photo of my blotchy, dimply and altogether unhappy skin before I started dry brushing. Now, it’s like I float in this world of silky super softness that advertisers for laundry softener dream about.

Dry body brushing is exactly what it sounds like. You brush your dry skin. What it does is:

  • Visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite (it could totally disappear!)
  • Improve lymphatic function
  • Improve circulation
  • Removes dead skin cells and surface junk (thus stimulating new cell growth), and
  • Redistributes fatty cell deposits under the skin so you appear more toned and even

After a couple of days I was like damn girl, you are so soft, but that was nothing once I reached my first month of consistent brushing where my friends are like Are you glowing?!

The change is so noticeable . . . I am just . . . gobsmacked.

Young woman sitting in bath waterHow to dry brush:

  1. Get a body brush
  2. Get naked
  3. Start brushing in small circular motions from the ankles up towards your heart, make your circular motions longer and smoother as you travel up the legs to the stomach
  4. Once you reach the stomach, repeat the process from your wrists to your chest (be careful around your nipples)
  5. Brush your back from the neck down to the small of your back
  6. Hop in the shower and wash
  7. Pat dry, slather on some moisturiser and you’re done!

Do not brush: sunburn (duh, ouch!), sores, inflamed skin or skin cancer

Note: For those about to start dry brushing I would recommend having a bottle of water to drink nearby, for some reason many people (including yours truly) get nauseous when they start dry brushing.

Also, be prepared to get itchy when you miss a night of dry brushing, your skin loves, loves, LOVES it.

In case you want to take a look at some of those heroes promoting the cause:

Mind Body Green & HuffPost

Have you tried dry brushing? Tell me about it!