Hello my loves!

Most of us would have experienced aloe vera for the first time as a topical ointment against sunburn.

Yes, even with an olive complexion my skin would dramatically change from an exotic brown to a sort of frightening brick red (excellent and unintentional, yet painful, camouflage when playing hide and seek around my family’s brick house).

As kids, we would run off to the Aloe Vera plant in the backyard, grab a chunk, peel its skin off and smooth the fleshy part over the burn for instant relief.

Can’t say that plant was particularly thankful some summers. . .

Now, years later, I have only just discovered what an amazing little plant lived in that backyard.

I would never have expected that Aloe Vera juice would have put a stop to almost a decade of chronic migraines. But, here I am, living proof!

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Like many of us who live in apartments or rentals, growing an Aloe Vera plant (and doing all the other stuff to make it palatable) is virtually impossible.

Which is why Forever Living Products are just so awesome.

Enough about that, let’s get to the facts!

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